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6 Things You Need To Know About Lash Extensions

It finally happened. After losing yet another eyelash on the way to a business meeting, something in me snapped and I knew it was time to do things differently. It was time to invest in lash extensions. The second I got home, I tossed out the glue and cheap lashes. Then, I did something that excited me and scared me. I set an appointment with a technician for my first set of eyelash extensions.

Keep in mind, this was my first time. I had no idea what to expect and heard mixed reviews on their worth. To prepare, the night before my appointment, I spent hours online reviewing what to expect and how to avoid the negative as much as possible. That’s when I realized how little I knew about this popular trend. As I reviewed the good, the bad, the perfection, and the “OMG, please don’t happen to me”, I decided to learn from the experiences of others. Here’s what my experience taught me and everything you need to know about eyelash extensions:

You’ll Experience Luxury at Its Finest

Most salons are known for providing their guests with a relaxing and luxurious experience. The hour and a half (tops) it took to have my eyelashes done, I was lying on a comfortable bed and listening to calming music while the technician attached the feathery lashes to my lids. My first trip, I solely focused on getting my lashes done, but the salon I went to features packages that include a massage while you lie there; for that additional touch of luxury and relaxation. You can’t beat that!

Your Lash Extension Experience Can Be Customized

Unlike the fake lashes I had been dealing with for so long, these extensions can be customized. I began by choosing my length. Most salons offer 9-15 mm with the average choice being 10-12 mm. Once I decided on my length, I had the choice between a J curl for a natural awake look and C for a dramatic flair. I decided to combine the two curls: J on the inner eyelash and C on the outer edges for a cat eye.

Material used for the extensions can be faux mink, faux fox, and real human hair. They come out looking similar, so I opted for the most affordable – faux mink – and felt happy with my decision.

Eyelash Extensions Last for Weeks or Longer

When you take proper care for your lashes, they can last up to a month and a half. Most salons recommend coming back every 2-3 weeks for touch-ups but, if you avoid water and oily products around your eyes, you can prolong the in-between period. This isn’t recommended, but it can be done when you’re in a pinch or don’t have the time. Other than that, I’d recommend waiting a maximum of one month in between with proper care, products, and removal.

You Can Still Wear Makeup

If you’ve heard that you cannot wear makeup with your lash extensions, you’ve heard a myth. You most certainly CAN wear your smoky eye and wing the corner of your eyelid with liquid liner (careful not to drag on lid line or it’ll ruin them).

When it comes to removal, stick to oil-free makeup removers. For precision, I use Q-tips. These proper techniques help me extend the life of my extensions and still wing my liner.

If You’re Not Careful, Extensions Can Ruin Your Eyelashes

The extensions themselves are not the problem. The problem is more human error. My technician explained to me that when you get your lashes done, you should let them fall out on their own or see a professional about having them removed. If you’re impatient and pull them out, you’re going to need to participate in a “rehab” for your natural lashes. By rubbing Vaseline on the them every night before bed, you should see your normal lashes return within a couple of months.

Let Them Fall Out or Have Them Removed by A Professional

Like I said before, you must let them fall out or have them removed by a professional. Having them removed is painless and doesn’t require an eyelash “rehab” afterwards. If you’re like me and don’t mind the way they look, you can let them fall out during a natural shedding process. However, do NOT pull them out unless you’re interested in a bare eyelid look.

Looking back at the hours I spent reading through eyelash extensions horror stories before my first appointment, I realize a lot of it was human error. The entire process can be luxurious and leave us feeling good about the way our eyes look without the struggle. Not to mention, it’s completely painless when done correctly. From the moment you sit down in the chair for your customized look to the day the last one sheds from your eyes. Just make sure you don’t pull them out!

It’s been a few months since I took the plunge and swapped DIY lashes for extensions, and I haven’t looked back. I let them fall out on their own, except when I have an important event coming up. When that happens, I see a professional like Morning Star Beauty about a touch up. Extensions may be more costly than the drugstore lashes or a tube of mascara, but it’s definitely worth it when your eyes are popping with only minimal daily effort. And, when time is money, that can go a long way. 

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